Saturday, April 07, 2007


(PICTURE: Okay, there's one space left on the last evacuation chopper. Which one of these gets that seat? Case closed.)

I have written on this subject before. Putting women in combat is dumb. That is carrying “Political Correctness” to its ultimate ludicracy (that’s not a word but it conveys my meaning). If women cannot be treated equally, they should not be there. It’s as simple as that.

There’s an article in the Telegraph *HERE* about two women soldiers who were killed in Basra. Please read it. It is an important piece.

It says, in part:

While they cannot join a unit where the primary duty is "to close with and kill the enemy" - for example the infantry or cavalry - women undertake a number of hazardous postings.

I would go far, far further than this. Women should never be in a zone in which there is the chance of evacuations. Why? Because they will always be evacuated first or if not the very first, certainly not the last. That is not fair to men in the same position.

I was in war zones for YEARS! Many years. I always resented the presence of American women there because I knew that their presence cut down the chances of my survival. They would always be taken out first if it came to that. And indeed, in Saigon it did come down to that, and the women were taken out first.

You might say, “Of course they were taken out first.” Then I say, then of course, they should not be put in that situation.

That seems perfectly logical to me so I must be missing something.


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