Friday, March 09, 2007


Roger Simon has a sick greyhound. You can read the sad story *HERE*. It has cancer at a young age of five and a half.

It reminded me of a curious experience I had when living among the Kurdish tribes in Northwest Iran. The tribesmen had the most fierce, fearless dogs I have ever seen or even heard about. I don’t know the breed and, thankfully, I never encountered one on foot, but they would attack our vehicles. (Motor vehicles were extremely rare then and there.) One jumped off a bank and landed on the hood of my jeep. Another ran full speed, jaws gaping, into the grill of a jeep that was coming towards him.

I was surprised that the tribesmen also kept Greyhounds. These dogs were extremely friendly and gentle. They loved to run and would challenge our vehicles to a race by running down the road 20 feet or so and looking back to see if we were coming.

The contrast between the two breeds, living side by side, was memorable.

I hope the best for his dog. They are charming animals.


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