Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yeah, that was me that wrote that. Bring the troops home. Not from Iraq but from Afghanistan.

That is a war we can never win now. Incredible bungling in Washington has blown that entire campaign. When they combined the war against the Taliban with the war on drugs, it made the whole thing unwinnable. So now American and allied troops are being killed over there because of the idiotic decision to combine “crusades.”

It’s sad. Americans will never understand the tribal mentality that exists in that part of the world.

Some are now suggesting we just buy their opium crops. That would be a laugh. The altruistic Americans would never know who to pay. In their sense of “fair play” they would insist the farmers who grew the crop should receive the money.

Sorry. Wrong guy. The war would continue.

Would the right guy come forward? Fat chance. So the Americans could arrest him? No way. The war would continue.

If the Americans ditched the war on drugs at this point, would that help? No way. The Americans have shown their colors. Once they subdue the Taliban, they would restart the war on drugs. That is their nature. The war will continue.

Face it.

Washington has lost this one.

Bring the troops home.


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