Sunday, February 18, 2007


Many bombs, more than 30 and counting, have been set off in the three southern provinces of Thailand. Contrary to some reports, only a few bars were targeted. 22 bombs were set off in banks. Thus far there is one death reported and more than 30 injuries.

That does seem strange that there was so little damage to humans. There are several reasons according to the reports. None of the bombs was larger than a kilogram. No metal enclosed the explosives. They were left in places where extensive casualties were not likely to occur.

The bombs were carried in hollowed out books.

One result is that this attack is being linked to the string of bombs that were set off in Bangkok a while ago. Previously, the military government was linking the Bangkok bombing to the previous, deposed administration.

There are reports *HERE* and *HERE* and *HERE* and *HERE*

One difficulty in reporting this is CNN is off the air here. They have been off the air for a couple of months. This was because of coverage they were giving the deposed Prime Minister Thaksin. The military government did not approve of that. That void in English language reporting has not been filled. The BBC is pretty lame.


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