Thursday, February 01, 2007


This was on today:

Dick Morris is no fan of Sen. Hillary Clinton, having spent much of the past decade writing and speaking out against her. And he took his always-quotable opinions to the offices of Americans for Tax Reform Wednesday at a breakfast sponsored by The American Spectator.

» “It is in the national interest that, if there is a Democratic president, that it not be Hillary.”

“Hillary will be the next president, and she’ll be the worst president we’ve ever seen…

You can read it all *HERE*. Whatever else you might think of him, Dick Morris has one of the smartest political minds in the US. But to say he “is no fan” of Hillary is a gross understatement. How much his animus has clouded his mind is hard to say. He is always worth listening to though and very often he is right.

On the other hand, this is what Ron Rosenbaum has written:

…of all the candidates so far, I’ve favored Hillary Clinton. Because she’s a woman and because she’s mean. Even if she doesn’t have a 16 point foreign policy plan, I feel her heart is going to be in the right place when she looks at the aggressive worldwide spread of a vicious and murderous medieval theocratic movement (jihad) that promotes the “honor killing” of rape victims, denies all the hard-won rights of women (not to mention gays, and liberals, and dissidents of all religious and political stripes). A culture that essentially wants to lock women up in the home, deprive them of the right to vote, to an education, to a full life as human beings.

…all the reasons the Hillary-haters can’t abide her (the ruthlessness, the aggressive ambition etc) will make her the president we need: she will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

You can read the entire article *HERE*. The main objections that came up to Rosenbaum’s points are that all of Hilary’s enemies are domestic. She has not taken firm positions on international enemies. In a time of war it might be better to have ones attention focused on the people who are trying to kill us.


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