Sunday, April 02, 2006


I’m going to start posting a novel here. Most of it I will put deep into the archives, perhaps Nov. of 2004. This will be perhaps the 4th draft. I’m posting it in progress because it’s safer on the internet than in my computer. If my computer crashes I’m screwed.

Baseball season has started but, if it’s like last year, we won’t have games on TV here in Thailand until the basketball season is over. It seems to be a one American sport at a time policy. They will show 8 soccer games in a day but only one American sport in a particular week. Oh well, it’s their country, I’ve heard

On the subject of TV, The Road Runner cartoons on the cartoon channel here in Bangkok are exactly the same as in the US. They have no subtitles and no dubbed language. Perhaps because there is no speaking.
I thought you’d like to know.

I’ll never understand why Americans got so down on polyester. It’s strange how something so useful could go so out of favor. Here in Thailand there is nothing better to wear than thin polyester slacks. They keep their crease, wear like iron and are cool, (in the temperature sense).
My best, most comfortable slacks here were purchased from Haband.
Shorts are very rarely worn here. I think they are frowned on.

The two English language newspapers here are already proclaiming a defeat for Prime Minister Thaksin in yesterday’s election. All other news sources merely report that the votes are still being counted.


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