Sunday, March 26, 2006


This is why I could never be a good reviewer. It is so hard for me to understand my own misgivings about a work in a short time. When I reviewed King Kong (in the archives Dec. 2005) immediately after seeing it, I mentioned many things that didn’t ring true to the original story, several things that made me uncomfortable. What I didn’t do is summarize.

This should have been at the end of that review:

At the end of the movie Peter Jackson had reversed the roles of the girl and the great ape. The damsel came lusting after the ape. The damsel in distress had become the damsel in heat. That did not work.

Peter Jackson should know that you don’t mess with mythology. What has worked for thousands of years cannot be trifled with. The randy beast and the innocent maiden are the things of dreams.

Based on this effort, I doubt if Peter Jackson will ever be known as a woman’s director.

Based on this effort you can see why I can never be a good reviewer. I had to muse on this for months before I could understand my feelings and put them into words.


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