Friday, March 31, 2006


I guess our kids are home for six weeks. I say ‘guess’ because no one here speaks English so it is pretty much of a guess about what the hell is happening. This is the end of the school year, that much is definite.

Our niece, Phai, just passed her entrance exam for middle school. (Yes, that’s right, an entrance exam for middle school.) That’s good news because it means she will be living with us at least another year. She is cool and aloof but it is fun to watch her grow into young lady-hood. I think her family, which lives up-country, wants her to stay with us for the educational advantages.

We took little Kin to an arcade in a department store. So what machines does she play? She goes straight for the puzzle machines. We have most of the same games on a computer at home and in better versions, but that’s what she wants to play. Go figure.

She finally got off them and challenged me to air hockey. (My oldest son, who is now nearing 40, and I once got kicked off of the air hockey machine in Disneyland for playing too intensely and endangering bystanders.) I managed to curb my competiveness when playing Kin. I played ‘nice.’ When I saw she couldn’t handle bank shots, I quit hitting them. I don’t want her to grow up to hate me.

She brought home her report card yesterday. Out of 8 subjects only one was in the 70s. The rest were 80s and 90s. She wants to work on computers for a living. She knows more about them than me right now.

I still go on my walks to the school because that exercise was great for me. The round trip is about a mile and a half. Dow is making the walk with me now. She needs it more than me. We pick up breakfast at an excellent little restaurant near the school and bring it home. I get a fried chicken leg quarter with roasted garlic bits.


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