Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This is mostly for my American readers to whom these “letters” are not accessible. The beauty of all this is that these comedy columns all already written by the editors of The Nation here in Bangkok. Thanks to them.

Here are some headers in the “Letters to the Editors” section of today’s issue of *The Nation*:

Thaksin’s track record of deceit means that we cannot trust anything he says.
Signed Outraged Taxpayer

A productive citizen pulled into the political melee.
(The body of this letter described a “cheap trick” by Thaksin.)
Signed Abee

How can intelligent people swallow such blatant tripe?
Signed Brahmburgers

Rural people hate corruption but have no other choice
Signed Mymechew

It is time for the public to ostracise (sic) the wrongdoers.
Signed A Well Wisher

Time for criminal action against political crimes.
Signed Noppadon

I wonder how many of these “letters” were written by the editors themselves. Was there anything to balance these? The only other letter today was a complaint about selling Thai assets to foreigners which is another complaint against Thaksin.

If there had been another letter it would have been to praise themselves for being “unbiased.”


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