Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This stuff upsets me. Thailand is starting to look like a third class, third world country. It deserves better than that. I think this whole crisis is nothing but a pissing contest between two very rich men both of whom have extensive control of media outlets.

It’s too bad when individuals put their egos above their country.

The two English language papers, in the pay of the forces trying to overthrow the government, are questioning whether democracy is the best thing for Thailand. They do this because they know they cannot win a fair election.

These papers also point out that the opposition to Prime Minister Thaksin is centered in Bangkok. If the election were limited to Bangkok, Thaksin would be easily defeated. For this reason they discount his support in the outlying provinces as if those votes did not count as much as those of the city dwellers.

The fact is that Thaksin won the last election big.

He will also win the next election.

The opposition has as much as said that they will not accept the result of the election.

The opposition will boycott the election because they know they will lose. That is
their effort to make the election look illegitimate.

The only real hope for the opposition is to overthrow the government.

I don’t think that will happen.

The King is now interceding in the person of the President of the Privy Council. He is calling on the two parties to talk, something the opposition had refused to do. The King is greatly respected. When he speaks, everyone listens. The parties will now talk.

According to the papers, business here is suffering. The local currency however, remains quite strong.

It’s all very sad.

Thailand is looking like a third class, third world country.


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