Thursday, March 09, 2006


CNN, the unbiased international news service, has just assigned Richard Quest to a new investigative project. This was a surprise to me. I was sure he had been fired after his abject failure more than a year ago.

If he is not seen in the American version of CNN (the unbiased international news service) let me describe him to you. The Monte Python group has an extensive routine about English twits. Richard Quest is a perfect example of an English twit. If you looked up twit in the dictionary, you would find his picture. People call him, That Twit Richard Quest as if it were all his proper name.

Anyway, a year and a half ago, CNN (the unbiased international news service) sent this Richard Quest to America to report on the upcoming presidential election. He went to many states to find how people were going to vote and why.

His findings surprised me. According to his interviews, the people he put on the screen, 3 out of 4 were going to vote for Kerry. Not only that, the time allotted to Kerry voters to tell why they were for him, was 5 times that given to those voting for Bush.

I thought that was reasonable at the time. If it was going to be a Kerry landslide, as Richard Quest was reporting, I wanted to know why. His reports sometimes sounded like a Kerry commercial but that was OK. He was in the process of scooping all the other networks and was explaining why it was happening.

CNN (the unbiased international news service), according to their investigative reporter, had the scoop of the decade.

Then the election came.

I felt kind of sorry for the guy. Sure he was a twit, but he had been totally disgraced and he had disgraced CNN (the unbiased international news service).

I assumed he had been fired. How could an investigative reporter be so wrong and still keep his job? He had failed completely.

And now CNN (the unbiased international news service) is giving him a new investigative reporter assignment.

What happened? I’d sure like to know the back story there. Quest had not only got the presidential election entirely wrong, he made it look like CNN (the unbiased international news service) was actually endorsing Kerry.

Well, looking back, that’s the way it appears with all that 5 to 1 camera time.

This is one I’ll never figure out because I know that CNN in an unbiased international news service.


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