Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Am I starting to be sickly? Maybe. I’ve had a queasy stomach for two days.

Now I get a little sick and it throws off my zest for writing. When I don’t write I feel guilty. Why? It’s not like it’s a dumb job. It’s not like anyone reads this crap.

But when the zest is there, it’s fun to write. Some of this stuff is pretty good even if no one reads it. That short story (A Stranger Comes) posted a few days ago might be one of the best ever written by anyone. That’s my opinion but I might be a little prejudiced. (Naw.)

I’ve got a lot of stuff partially written or worked out in my mind. Here are some:

Updates on the Bangkok papers in this crisis.

Writing as Therapy

My version of The Stepfather.

Alcoholics Anonymous screws up marriages.

The Stunt Man movie review.

When I was doing my Stepfather act I bought some tranquilizers downtown. Many drugs that require prescriptions in the States are sold over the counter here. These were tiny pink pills. I recognized what the druggist told me they were but the name has slipped my mind. As small as they were, they still came with a crease in the middle so they could be easily split. The price was the equivalent of 25 cents US for each. I bought twenty of them.

The next time I got a queasy stomach I took one of the pills to help me sleep. Now I never take pills. In my life I may have taken 100 aspirins. That little pink pill knocked me out. I slept until past 5:30 in the morning. That’s the latest I have slept in years. (I’m usually up at 3 AM. Don’t ask.)

Our live-in niece, Phai, was so bothered by insomnia she was in tears. I gave her half of one of those little pink mothers. Wham! She was knocked out right away and all smiles the next morning.

I took another last night because of my stomach problem. I was wise enough to take it in the early evening so I woke up at my regular time.

That is a powerful drug to be used with care. I still have 17 left.

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