Tuesday, March 07, 2006


A family friend loaned us a tape of Brokeback Mountain the other day. This is Thailand so sometimes “pre-production” stuff gets out. Last week the same friend loaned us Narnia. It was in English but the sub-titles were either Chinese or Japanese. Definitely not Thai.

I watched Narnia. I didn’t watch Brokeback Mountain. No I’m not a homophobe. It’s just that I had no interest in the subject matter.

There are lots of movies like that. I am a big baseball fan but I had no interest in seeing Field of Dreams. The concept of that movie was just too wacky for me.

On some movies the titles turn me off. Dying Young and Seven Heads in a Duffel Bag and Passion of the Christ come to mind. Cocoon I thought would be wacky and depressing. Love Story is another I would never see if it were up to me alone. No, I am not a heterophobe (is that a word?).

Now there is a brew-ha-ha from a certain Hollywood element because Brokeback didn’t win best picture. They claim (gasp) homophobia. Get over it all you guys and gals and you-know-whats. Some people are just not interested in that subject matter no matter how good the picture might be.

Nothing personal.


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