Saturday, December 03, 2005


Right now, when victory in Iraq seems assured, there is only one thing that would turn an imminent American victory into a defeat.

That would be a precipitate withdrawal of American forces.

How strange that some liberals have espoused that strategy at this time.

How strange.

To their credit, the majority of the Democrats do not endorse that plan.

Even the “voice of the Democratic Party” which is the New York Times and their followers in the media, has not come out in favor of immediate withdrawal.

They are holding back for good reason. It is not only political suicide; it would start a civil war in Iraq.

On the subject of the “voice of the Democratic Party,” it’s interesting that it was silent on another subject. When President Bush pointed out how many liberals had changed their positions from before the war to now, there was hardly a peep from the “voice.”


In this day of the internet, they know better than to dispute facts that are easily proven, that are there for all to check.

We are in an era of checks and balances in the news media.

How they must hate that.


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