Saturday, November 26, 2005


Yeah, that’s right, I saw a UFO. (Did they probe you?)

No. I wasn’t abducted by aliens. I only saw a UFO. (I think they probed you.)

This happened in Can Tho. That’s the largest town on the Mekong Delta.

It was late in 1963. I was staying in the largest hotel in town. It may have had a dozen rooms. My room was on the third floor which was the top floor. It faced the street and the river beyond.

We had a large room and bath but there was no air conditioning, just an overhead fan.

The windows had no glass or screens, just vertical bars about 4 inches apart. We had a mosquito net on the bed to keep those things at bay. (Household tip: Spray the net before getting in so you don’t trap them inside with you.)

A colony of bats had taken up residence under the eaves of our hotel and some surrounding buildings. During the day they could be seen, hanging upside down, wherever it was convenient for them.

Some bats came into our room in search of food while we slept. They once tried to take a loaf of bread, wrapped in plastic, out of the room. The bars on the window blocked them. I could hear the bread fall to the floor several times. They finally gave up.

It was from this room and from that window that I saw the UFO.

A friend and I were having drinks after work when we heard some shooting. We went to the window. It was dark out except for the lights of the town. There were explosions and a lot of small arms fire just across the river near one of those lookout platforms. It looked like a fireworks display.

Then from the center of the town, this strange aircraft appeared. We saw it clearly by the lights of the town. It seemed to be rising from the ground. We could see no means of propulsion. It just rose slowly and flew off as a leisurely rate. It took no part in the fire fight across the river.

It was the strangest aircraft I had ever seen. It wasn’t shaped anything like an aircraft. It looked like a platform with two inch pipes on the deck, perhaps like a railing. It’s vague in my mind.

My friend and I never discussed it, then or ever.

I never mentioned it to anyone.

It remained a mystery.

Many years later I saw pictures of American experimental aircraft on TV. There was a brief shot of that strange flying platform. It was the same as the aircraft I had seen in Can Tho in 1963.

Mystery solved.

(Two inch pipes huh? I bet that was painful.)


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