Monday, November 28, 2005


There’s a Thai entertainment troupe called the LADY BOYZ. It is made up of transvestites and transsexuals. They are currently performing a cabaret show in Hong Kong.

Here is some of the report from The Bangkok Post:

“(The troupe) is playing to packed audiences of up to 3,000 mainland tourists a day – the very market targeted by the new Disneyland.

“All five daily shows at the 700-seat venue featuring the Golden Globe Cabaret are selling out with some offering standing room only, despite no local advertising.

“Much of the audience is mainland Chinese tourists who are being offered the show in short-break packages to Hong Kong at a price of $160-$200 per ticket”

I don’t know what a short-break package is but I assume the show is only part of a package. Still, that’s pretty impressive. 3,000 a day!

The new Disneyland has a capacity of 30,000 a day. According to their own figures, they averaged only 10,000 a day for their first 100 days.

Maybe if they put a dress on Mickey?


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