Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The rumor that Steve Irwin, THE CROCODILE HUNTER, had killed a cameraman and fed him to the crocodiles has proven to be false. The supposed incident was said to have occurred because the cameraman shot ten seconds of film without Mr. Irwin in the frame.

“That’s all nonsense,” Mr. Irwin asserted loudly in his charming Aussie accent. “No harm has come to him. Cracky, he’s all right, mate.”

When asked where the cameraman was, Mr. Irwin replied vaguely, “He’ll be along directly.” Mr. Irwin went on to say that the ten seconds he was missing from the screen wasn’t important to him but he got thousands of emails from fans who thought he might be ill.

Mr. Irwin also said that it was not unusual for him to out of the frame. “It happens a lot.”

When asked if he could recall the last time that happened he replied, “Last season some time. Twice, I think.”

When asked if the same cameraman shot those scenes, Mr. Irwin replied,

“Cameramen come and go. Some just disappear, and there’s no accounting for them.”

At that, a female reporter became agitated and demanded to see the current cameraman.

The cameraman came out of a shack to the right, escorted by two of Mr. Irwin’s assistants. He looked pale and a little shaky but otherwise okay. Mr. Irwin stood alongside him while he made a statement. While he spoke, he glanced frequently at Mr. Irwin.

“I am well,” he said, “and unharmed. No one hit me in places where the bruises wouldn’t show and my family has not been threatened even though they know where they live. Thank you.”

With that, the cameraman was escorted away by the same two men.

So there you have it. The rumors are completely false. No harm has come to the cameraman.

In a related story, there’s a rumor that Steve Irwin’s Aussie accent is false. A man claims he woke him up in the middle of the night and Irwin spoke just as good English as you or me.


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