Tuesday, June 07, 2005


What a strange, strange occurrence all this has been.

Why did he wait so long?

Some say that not releasing them during the campaign cost him the presidency.

Here is something from USS Neverdock:

Then there is this exchange between Kerry and Tim Russert on Feb 7th.
Last week the 2008 presidential hopeful suggested he wanted to review his full Navy file to make sure of "what is in the record and what isn't in the record" before signing Form 180.
"I'm going to sit down with them and make sure that they are clear and I am clear as to what is in the record and what isn't in the record and we'll put it out," he told "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert.
Kerry did not explain his reference to "what isn't in the record," though questions arose late in the campaign about why he received his honorable discharge six years after leaving the service...

Even the most avid Kerry supporter would have to admit that was a strange exchange.

And now the records are released only to the Boston Globe, a newspaper that strongly supported his presidential bid.

The Globe says there is nothing new in the records but they would not let anyone else see them.

Some are saying Kerry was ashamed of his lackluster grades at Yale. He was a “C” student.

Compare that to me. I brag about never getting anything but an “F” in high school, including gym.

I feel there is more to come about this.

There has to be more.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of all this.

Clarification: The more it’s explained to me, the less I understand.

The American Spectator tries to clarify here.

We’ll find the truth 10 years after his death.


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