Saturday, May 28, 2005


Das, my friend at SUNBREAK, did a rant on the Koran flushing incident and the effort of other big media outlets trying to cover for them by joining in the chorus. I agree with him. This is a comment I left on his blog:

You’re right. I should have done a rant about this.

The MSM seem to have dropped all pretense of having any morality. They try to defend “fake but accurate” Newsweek with more fake but accurate stories of their own. Now they have real sources--- the ex-detainees who belong to al Quaida. The same ex-detainees who have been taught to always claim desecration of the Koran.

The MSM know that to publish such anti-American propaganda puts our servicemen in greater danger. They don’t care. They have no morality. They are like petulant children striking back at a stern adult.

This is the worst thing they have done yet. They will pay a heavy price for it as they sink lower and lower into their degradation.


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