Friday, June 10, 2005


This is a news flash from Yahoo news.

40% of Frenchmen would like to be pregnant.

An excerpt:

Maybe it's that mix of hot Latin blood and cool Cartesian intellect, or perhaps is just a collective guilty conscience.

Whatever the cause, nearly 40 percent of French men told a recent survey that they would, science permitting, like to become pregnant.

The poll, conducted by Ipsos and published in the current issue of Children Magazine (Enfants Magazine), showed that 38 percent of the more than 500 fathers of children up to seven interviewed by phone said they would like, or would have liked, to be the one to carry their offspring to term.

In the same poll:

…71 percent said they were prepared to "take a year-long sabbatical" or "request to work part time."
So they’d like to have babies and quit working for a year.

What’s wrong with that?

Don’t be so judgmental.

Full story here

UPDATE: In a related story 56.7% of German men said they’d like to impregnate Frenchmen.


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