Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The US wants Karzai to stamp out poppy farming in Afghanistan. He, of course, knows that if he tries to do that, he will be deposed. I wonder if we know that.

Afghanistan is a very poor country. A great deal of their economy is based on producing the raw materials of narcotics. The regional chiefs (war lords) derive almost all their money, power and authority from that industry. A huge percentage of the population make their living off of it. Karzai could not stay in power without their support.

Here (I immodestly proclaim) is a perfect solution:

Turn the whole problem over to the United Nations. That should satisfy almost everyone.

The UN will send their dreaded letters of inquiry. The UN will send their much feared, crack inspectors. The UN will pass dozens of scary resolutions. In the end nothing will be done and almost everyone will be happy.

The internationalists will be happy that we deferred to the authority of the UN.

Karzai will stay in power.

We will keep our most prized trophy and ally in the Middle East.

Bureaucrats in the UN will have another ripe area to milk for bribes.

I can’t understand what the hell we’re doing mixing in the internal affairs of an ally in the first place. We should stay the hell out of the drug problems of other countries. If we solve the problem in the US, the worldwide problems will fade away.

For that, I have a perfect solution. (Stay tuned.)

AN AFTERTHOUGHT: With all those UN types stealing money right and left, it puts those "stingy" comments after the tsunami in context, doesn't it?


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