Thursday, April 19, 2007


I wrote long ago how Don Imus got around the law to virtually steal money from children with cancer. He was the most mean spirited person I’ve ever heard on a national medium. Some others faked being mean spirited but Imus faked civility. Even the laughs on his show sounded forced.

I did listen to him and watch him on MSNBC because some of the bits his writers came up with were genuinely funny. Plus he was a good interviewer, much better than Larry King. Imus knew how to ask a follow-up question and sometimes challenged a liberal guest. Those things are beyond the range of Larry King.

Some of his interviews were completely worthless. Paul Begala was a regular guest. Who, in their right mind, would interview Paul Begala about current politics? He is a paid propagandist for the DNC. Anyone could predict his answers.

Imus kept some credibility by interviewing prominent conservative politicians and he did a good job at that. But the only analysts he allowed on the show were left wingers. Almost never would he allow a non-politician commentator from the right on the show.

I once challenged him to be a man and stand up and say what his politics were. So he did it. He stood up on his program and lied in order not to lose listeners. He said he was a Republican (although, he added, all his friends were liberal). Then he pushed for Kerry’s election as if his life depended on it. (Which is the main reason Kerry is supporting him now.)

I wonder who advised him to go on the Al Sharpton radio show to ask forgiveness. That is priceless. It brings great, mean-spirited happiness to me just thinking about it. He goes to one of the most opportunistic racist demagogues in the world as if he were the Pope. Of course Sharpton rejects his pleas. What in the hell did Imus expect from that clown?

Now Sharpton, in a much coveted and unexpected spotlight, steps forward to be America’s arbiter on moral and racial issues.

It keeps getting better.


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