Saturday, November 11, 2006


One of the wackiest things going is when some people/country/organization/religion declares war on you, they fight by their rules and we fight by ours. Why not, right at the beginning, meet in the center of the ring and discuss the rules of engagement? Get all the international human rights organizations in on the discussion. Make it clear that we will play by any rules they want. (The Geneva Conventions went out the window long ago. Japan wasn’t even a signatory to them in the last war. We should never fight by those rules if the other side does not. They are not a suicide pact.)

They won’t discuss rules?

Okay. Make it clear that they will be establishing rules of engagement by their actions. What they do becomes a rule. We can now do that. They take no prisoners? Too bad. Now we don’t either. Beheading? We can do that. Why not?

Many people will argue that will lower us to the level of the opponents. What bullshit! Ask any of the guys who came out of serious fighting, especially against the Japanese in the pacific. You do what you have to and then you forget about it.

Will the human rights organizations object? You bet your sweet ass they will. But they will only object to us because they know if they went to the other guys, those other guys would cut off their balls and stuff them into the mouth of their decapitated head.

So let’s set up rules for the referee, since the human rights organizations seem to want that role. Let them show good faith and objectivity. Let them prove that they make as much effort to condemn the actions of each side. Let them show they believe that laws apply to everyone.


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