Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I’m not a big fan of Thai food. I like most everything else in Thailand except that. How ironic is that? I liked the food every other place I’ve been and I wind up here where I’m not fond of it. I know it’s just me. Thai food is very popular in other parts of the world.

There are a wide variety of international restaurants all over the place downtown. I live a long way from downtown. Sometimes I get a three day supply of sandwiches from Subway. We can get some excellent barbecued chicken nearby. Man cannot live on barbecued chicken alone, although I tried.

So I explored and made some discoveries. The major discovery is that prime beef is often available at under a dollar a pound. The catch is, you have to know what prime beef looks like. It is sold in a supermarket as generic beef and there is not a great demand for it in a Buddhist culture. So if you can recognize the marbling that indicates prime beef, you can get some excellent cuts.

Also the Thai canned pasta sauce, called Dusita is incredible. It is cheaper than the American Prego brand but they do not compare. (I compared them.) The number one ingredient, according to the label on the Thai sauce, is onions at 18%. Sausage and carrots are tied at 7% each. Prego looks like catsup by comparison.

So that’s a pretty good start. We’ve got prime beef and a pasta sauce.

I’m not going to starve.


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