Tuesday, November 07, 2006


And in other important news, this just in:

Miniskirts no longer a crime in South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

02 November 2006 05:22

South Korea's "fashion police", who prowled the streets in the 1970s measuring the length of women's skirts, will soon officially be consigned to oblivion.Showing too much skin in public places will no longer be classed as indecent exposure and will be deleted from the Minor Offence Act, the National Police Agency has said.

You can read the entire article *HERE*.

I must confess I cried when I read that. As you all know, I have been campaigning for years to free our South Korean sisters from these primitive clothing shackles. At last my hard work has paid off. They can now walk in public with heads held high and with hems raised like civilized women everywhere in the Western World. And men can cry out, “We see thighs at last, thighs at last.”

They were going to name the new law after me but, unfortunately, all they did was delete an old law. There was talk of raising a statue of me in downtown Seoul, but I asked them not to.

I’m a modest guy.


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