Sunday, October 29, 2006


I’m going to do a rant here.

Most businesses get smarter over the years. They improve their product and services making them customer friendly. That is logical. That is what every business does.

Except in Hollywood.

I’m pissed that credits at the end of some movies list the cast in order of appearance. It seems like it’s happening more and more. It also seems moronic to me.

You want to know the name of the second lead? You have to watch the movie again for the opening credits. For anyone else you have to watch the picture and count how many characters come on before he/she appears.

That is totally moronic.

They won’t even list them by the name of the character they portray. What moroon is behind that trend? If you want the credits you have to go to the internet!


Do you see something counter-productive in that?

Is their purpose to send customers to a competitive medium perhaps?

Can this be a plot by Carl Rove to destroy Hollywood?


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