Sunday, October 15, 2006


What got me on this subject, the movie Shane was recently on Bangkok TV. And then I watched Gypsy (the Bette Midler version in which she seems uncomfortable) out of my archives. I looked at Brandon De Wilde, the kid in Shane, and I said to myself, “Myself, there’s no way this kid isn’t gay.”

This is not being good or bad judgmental you understand. This is just sexual preferential guessing. I do that sometimes. So do you.

So I looked him up on the internet, much as I hate dealing in facts. There isn’t much. He died in an accident at 30 leaving a son. There was little else mentioned.

Okay, so what?

Well, it occurred to me that a lot of male child actors turn out to be gay later in life. I don’t have any statistics but it does seem pretty common. One vision is of and old gay queen seducing them, thus converting them to a life of sodomy. (Is that judgmental?)

But then the example of the ultimate stage mother in Gypsy kicked in. Then there was my own experience with stage mothers in my son’s brief career in showbiz. (You can scroll down to read I Was a Stage Mother for the FBI, or link to it *HERE* .) I suddenly realized that these stage mothers fit the profile I outlined in my essay, And Yet Another Nobel Prize…Not! (Read it *HERE*) I am a slow thinker. I never recognized the similarity between the stage mothers and all the mothers of the gay men I knew in a previous life.

There is another study that Political Correctness will prevent ever being made.

While I’m on this subject, the fathers of these gay men must be brought into the equation. They should be included in this study that has no chance of ever happening. I’m pretty sure it will indicate they did not have a normal sex life with their wives. It will indicate that the mothers of gay men had a lot of sexual frustration for one reason or another.


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