Friday, October 13, 2006


I must start this piece with the disclaimer that I have no sense of humor when compared to the general public. I do this because I’m reviewing humor herein and the reader should know from whence I come. Because everyone sees humor differently, every reviewer should state in the beginning what they find to be funny. This establishes their credentials. If you agree with them on what is funny, you will find their review to be of value. If not, disregard them.

I have written before that reviewers are a humorless lot. But perhaps the fault lies with me. Take the comic strip, Nancy. I decided it was unfunny soon after I learned to read, yet books have been written praising it. Garfield is another one. I’ve never seen anything funny about it but it spawns movies. In a different genre, The Three Stooges, to me, are only mildly amusing if that. Also, I have never seen anything funny in the work of Adam Sandler. Even on SNL I didn’t ‘get’ him but he is now the hottest thing in Hollywood.

What do I think is funny? In comic strips there are, Dilbert, BC, The Wizard of Id, Fox Trot and that’s about it. Doonesbury was once quite good but he grew old and bitter. In movies, just to pick one that reviewers generally hated, I liked The Pink Panther, the recent Steve Martin version.

There you have it. Those are my credentials. I bring this up because I recently saw an article about Charlie Sheen that began:

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - After two months of negotiations, "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen is close to finalizing a new salary pact that would make him the highest-paid comedy star in television today.

Sources said Sheen will earn about $350,000 per episode this season from producer of the CBS powerhouse, Warner Bros. Television. This represents a hefty increase from his previous payday in the low six figures.
You can read the entire article *HERE*. That inspired me to write a short review on the sitcom: Two and a Half Men is the best sitcom EVER!

How’s that for a short review?


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