Monday, October 09, 2006


There’s a range for you. Baking brownies one day and solving the mysteries of the universe the next.

In my piece, The Case of the Missing Water on Mars (I was having such a hard time linking to it I reposted it below), I postulate that the earth has doubled in diameter over billions of years and that is what has caused the shifting of continents among other things. This was caused, and continues to be caused, by a diminishing gravity. The loss of gravity causes outward pressures against the earth’s crust resulting in earthquakes, volcanoes or, where resistance is weak, the creation of new mountains and the afore mentioned shifting of continents.

In the piece I could not explain why gravity should weaken over time. But now I have figured it out. When planets are born the pressure of gravity causes the material in the center to be in a molten state. This is a chemical action. Every action causes a reaction. In essence, fuel is burned. Energy is consumed. That is what causes the gradual diminishing of gravity.

That means the every celestial object with enough gravity to cause a chemical action in its core will have a loss of gravity as that action proceeds.

It also means that the rate of loss of gravity will be the greatest in the beginning, when there is more fuel to burn, and will lessen over time.

How is all this connected to the expansion of the universe? (That is something I mention in the piece below.) I haven’t worked that out yet but it’s there somewhere. Gravity is hard to explain and is a mystery but the answer is there. Perhaps it just never disappears but is converted from positive gravity to negative gravity; anti-gravity if you will. The anti-gravity produced by every celestial body losing gravity repels all the other bodies. Thus: The expansion of the universe!

Hey! I think I just explained it!


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