Thursday, August 17, 2006


When I was 19 I was invited for Christmas with a friend’s family in New Hampshire. While I was there, my friend’s sister put on a show for me and the whole family. She put on some very brief, sexy clothes and got into a series of provocative poses on a table top in the living room. The family was enchanted. They thought she was “adorable.” I thought it was pretty sick. The girl was only 8 years old. Call me a prude.

That explains why I was suspicious of the Ramseys when their little daughter was killed. I have this prejudice about grownups trying to make little girls look sexy. Call me a prude.

But then the Ramseys “lawyered up” before the body was cold. They didn’t seem to want to cooperate with the investigation. In short, they acted guilty as hell. And I believed they were guilty as hell.

Now they have arrested this nut here in Bangkok who has confessed to the murder. The news is reverberating around the world. I think we all can agree this guy is a nut. The only question is: is he a dangerous nut? He seems confused in the details of the murder. For one thing, he says it was an accident. Really? Here’s a quote:

"It's hard to imagine a more intentional, deliberate murder than hitting a little girl in the head so hard that she had almost a foot-long fracture in her skull and then deliberately fashioning a garrotte to twist until it buries in her neck and slowly stops her breathing," said Silverman, the former Denver prosecutor. "This has always been a case of deliberate murder.”

There are other things. There is apparently no evidence he was even in Boulder at the time of the murder. His ex-wife, with whom there is no love lost, says he was with her at the time.

I don’t know but I would bet this is a phony confession. I’ve been wrong before.


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