Monday, August 14, 2006



When I was a kid we had a saying for people who were verbally inhibited. It was, “They couldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful,” if you’ll pardon my English. We had ‘political correctness’ then but not to near the extent that it exists today.

Here is a research from UC Berkeley (alert, alert, red flag) that finds that:

Staying single is a killer, doctors have warned.And bachelors between 19 and 44 are twice as likely to die than married men in the same age group.

An eight year study of almost 67,000 adults found those who remained alone were 58 per cent more likely to have died during the period than those who were either in wedlock, widowed, divorced or separated.

So what did they come up with for this huge difference in the death rates?

His team found "risky" behaviours could not explain the differences because the unmarried group were only slightly more likely to smoke than their married counterparts, and they were less likely to drink alcohol regularly. They also exercised slightly more and were less overweight.

Prof Kaplan, of the University of California, said: "Accumulated evidence suggests that social isolation increases the risk of premature death. Marriage is a rough proxy for social connectedness."

Interesting huh? They defined “risky” behaviors among single men as smoking, drinking, overeating and lack of exercise. They couldn’t say “gay” if they had a mouthful of something.

While all or a majority of single men aren’t gay, a huge majority of gay men are single. Why wouldn’t that enter into the equation?

Almost everyone in America recognizes that the gay life style is life threatening to single men except these UC Berkley investigators who were looking into the subject.

You can read the entire article *HERE*.


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