Wednesday, February 14, 2007


With all the evidence coming forth that Iran is sponsoring terrorism around the world and is now sending weapons into Iraq that are killing American soldiers, I started visualizing “get back at them” schemes. For one thing, why should counter-terrorism be done only in places where terrorists operate? Why not go to the place from which the terrorists come? Why not terrorize the source? In short, we send in our own guys to bomb them.

Since the Iranians seem to be ahead of us in this field, we can even copy their technology and surely improve on it. We can produce bombs of the type needed without limit and for little cost. Adding some innovation might be fun. The old standard of the bomb wrapped in a scarf seems too tame. How about milk bottle bombs along with suitcase or disguised as a baby bomb? They might even have some contests for laughs. The potential variety seems endless.

With our technology we can surely increase the strength of the explosives. We ought to be able to get a much bigger bang with smaller packages. Get the labs working on that.

As for personnel, that would be easy. There are Iranian dissidents everywhere. There was a whole camp of them in northeast Iraq when the war began. Iran asked us at the time to wipe them out because of the threat they imposed. I seem to remember that we did conduct operations against them because they were unfriendly to the Kurds also. Anyway, there should still be thousands upon thousands of them.

On top of that, we control or have access to virtually the entire Iranian border. This is a border across which it is just as easy to get terrorists in as it is to get them out. It is porous to say the least. Iran would have a huge problem with networks of terrorists in their midst. The terrorists could move freely and blend in with the population. They would find refuge and aid in the general population. Sound familiar? It is any government’s worst nightmare.

The biggest problem would be keeping the operation secret from the CIA. If anyone from the CIA caught wind of it, the news and details would be flashed around the world in an instant via the NY Times. For that reason the entire project would have to be carefully compartmentalized. Everyone involved should know as little about the project as a whole as possible. In that way, the CIA exposes would only get a few agents killed at a time and not threaten the entire project.

That’s the reality of the war on terror.


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