Thursday, January 04, 2007


This is an open letter to Scott Adams:

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think what a loss it was that Walt Kelly died so young. How could that happen to such a sweet man? That alone should be evidence that there is no god. It is all random and when you die that’s the end. For anyone shocked by this get ready, there also isn’t a Santa Claus. Wait! There’s worse coming! The Virgin Mary wasn’t a virgin!

I digress.

Back to Walt Kelly. His Pogo comic strip was a work of art, both visual and narrative. Some of the names he gave his characters were literally unforgettable. There were Sis Boom Bah and Sam Handwich to name two. Sam Handwich was a chicken who drank from the fountain of youth and regressed back to an egg and then was taunted by his son. “Hah! Old Pa!” You probably have to see it.

A while after Kelly’s death his strip was resurrected by people who could draw the thing perfectly but couldn’t come close to capturing his humor. The second coming was soon gone. Some (most) comic strips can survive without being very funny but not that one.

Which brings me to you, Scott Adams. Your Dilbert strip is close to the spirit of Walt Kelly. I mean that as a great compliment. I wish you would get together with those guys who could copy the drawings so well and provide them with content. You could make it a joint venture. Or just get the rights and hire your own artists. Wouldn’t it be great to have Pogo back? I know you could pull it off.


Walter Guest



Hi Walter,

Thanks for thinking of me, but I never cared for Pogo. It's just a
taste sort of thing. So I wouldn't want to associate with it.



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