Friday, September 29, 2006


I did a satirical piece on Steve Irwin last November. You can read it *HERE*. In it I teased him about always having to be in the frame when the camera is on. But it turns out that was the cause of his death.

Here’s a news item:

Cousteau: Irwin messed with nature

Wire Report

LOS ANGELES - Marine explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau says he mourns the death of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, but disagrees with Irwin's hands-on approach to nature television.

"Of course, it goes very well on television. It sells, it appeals to a lot people, but I think it's very misleading," Cousteau said.

"You don't touch nature; you just look at it. And that's why I'm still alive. I've been diving over 61 years - many more years that he's been alive - and I don't mess with nature."

I think Cousteau is exactly right. When Irwin’s team was filming stingrays, Irwin wanted to be seen with the stingrays. He wanted to be in the frame with the stingrays. That’s how he got

(See picture below.)


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