Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I’ve been checking internet responses to the coup. Veterans here seem not too much excited. That means the girly spots are not closing. Otherwise they’d be up in arms and sponsoring a counter coup. I heard specifically that tourist areas will be open. Under martial law? That may be how they do things here. What do I know? I’ve been through coups before but this is my first in Thailand.

The internet is still wide open but the international news channels are still off the air. The reason seems to be to prevent the ex-Prime Minister Thaksin from appearing on local TV. There is some news appearing on the Thai channels. They are still not back to normal at 1:10 PM, 20 September 2006, Thai time.

There is worry about a counter-coup. So far it has all been bloodless. Let’s hope it stays that way. Thaksin’s strength is in rural areas. Those are not areas that have much ordinary military strength. But, in this day, there is always the threat of different kinds of response. Thaksin does not strike me as that kind of leader. But who knows?

This just in: The international news services on TV just went back on at 1:25 PM, Bangkok time. The first story on CNN was the weakness in the Thai baht which I reported on in the last post.



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