Sunday, August 27, 2006


I’m about to do you a big favor. As I type this on my computer I’m listening to Billie Holliday on the internet. This is through the courtesy of something called Pandora Internet Radio. Click on that link and you’ll have it for free. It will play while you use the computer for other things. Want it off for a moment? Turn down the sound on your speakers.

This site is a marvel. Tell them you favorite song or performer and they will play that and a string of similar music. If they get off the track and play something you don’t like, you can tell them and they won’t play that again.

They set up a “station” for each of your favorites. So far my ‘stations’ include Ray Charles, The Kingston Trio, Chicago, The Beatles and Dizzy Gillespie. The fun is in the surprises you can find when they play similar music. I had forgotten all about Dinah Washington. That’s odd because when I lived in that all black barrack on Guam she was being played all the time. I must be getting old.

I discovered that Natalie Cole is pretty good. I rate her with Sarah Vaughn and Ella. That is pretty good. Also I learned to appreciate Nancy Wilson and Bette Midler. Julie London is outstanding. How strange it is when all of them sound best when doing something written by Cole Porter.

Does it sound like I only listen to women singers? A guy comes up occasionally but the women are the easiest to listen to. Sometimes when a piece comes on I have to put up the site to find who the performer is. I heard I Wish You Love being sung in English but in the style of a European chanteuse. You know the style, more emotion and sincerity than musicianship. I was enchanted by the chanteuse, which I suppose is their aim. I brought up the site to find the artist. Guess what, it was Bette Davis. You know her, she’s the one with the Bette Davis eyes. I told the site I liked it. Now they will play it more often. Neat.

If you like music you’ll like this site.


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