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I read National Review on line every morning. I don’t agree with much of what they believe and they don’t like the majority of my politics. But I am one of the majority of Americans today who is not represented by the leaders of either party or the spokes people of either party.

Some of the pieces in NRO are so poorly written as to be unreadable. Some of their writers I ignore. But often there is some sanity there and that is as refreshing as it is rare.

Warren Bell is one of the sane ones. I always pay attention to what he writes. This is what he wrote today:

"Draft Hollywood" [Warren Bell]
Andrew Klavan nails it like it needed to be nailed with an Op-Ed in today's L.A. Times :
We need some films celebrating the war against Islamo-fascism in Afghanistan and Iraq — and in Iran as well, if and when that becomes necessary. We need films like those that were made during World War II, films such as 1943's Sahara and Action in the North Atlantic, or The Fighting Seabees and Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, which were released in 1944. Not all of these were great films, or even good ones, but their patriotic tributes to our fighting forces inspired the nation.More than that, they reminded the country what exactly it was that those forces were fighting to defend.
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And this is what I replied. I didn’t expect a response but I feel better for having stuck in my oar.


Hey Warren,

There was a book written a while ago (which I didn’t read, I was waiting for the movie) about how the Jews of Hollywood, back in the thirties, shaped the psyche of America. This is something I believe absolutely. You could not leave a theatre in those days without feeling proud to be an American. They had a lot to do with the creation of “The Greatest Generation.”

Hollywood today revels in what I call the culture of betrayal. Today’s hero in the movie is the whistle-blower. It is never done thoughtfully. It is always the brave, incorruptible loner against some huge, evil organization, usually the US government. And there is never any gray area in the situation. The organization has done something so evil that of course they should be exposed.

Will they ever make a movie in which the whistle blower is the villain? I doubt it.

Walter Guest

Feed Back: Warren bell replied:

Well said. There are a number of books about Jews in Hollywood. Perhaps you are thinking of this, by the astonishingly left-wing Neal Gabler:


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