Monday, May 01, 2006


At least three times a week, often more, I pick up my Bangkok Post and find anti-American propaganda in the editorial section. The source of this vitriol? Al Qaeda? Fidel Castro? Our French allies?

No. The source is the herd of New York Times op-ed writers. This is a pack of opinionators (to coin a word) driven insane with hatred. They did everything in their power to prevent President Bush being elected, not once but twice. Having failed in that, they do everything in their power to downgrade all that he does and, as a result, all that the United States does under his leadership.

Here is the beginning of today’s exercise in idiotic hatred, straight from the pages of The Bangkok Post:

Stuck with Bush

If George Walker Bush could have been removed from office for being a bad president, he would have been sent back to his ranch a long time ago. If incompetence were a criminal offence, he'd be behind bars.

But that's just daydreaming. The reality is that there are more than two and a half years left in the long dark night of the Bush presidency _ nearly as long as the entire time John Kennedy was in office.

Bob Herbert is a New York Times columnist

The editors of The Bangkok Post seem to idolize the clowns who write these trash pieces daily. They emulate that lack of reason and self control in their own editorials when dealing with local politics.

The New York Times editorial writers are not the only reason the United States is hated and held in contempt around the world, but they do their worst to contribute.


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