Sunday, April 23, 2006


Stanley Kurtz did an essay on NRO recently titled Four Scenarios. The subject is how to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Here is the relevant paragraph:

The first scenario is a sufficiently united front at home and abroad in support of force to compel Iran to verifiably abandon its nuclear program.
The second scenario is a sufficiently united front at home and abroad in support of force that, if force must be used, the very serious military, economic, and political consequences are minimized.
In the third scenario, the president uses force against Iran toward the end of his term, amidst bitter division at home and abroad, when it looks as though Iran is merely months away from a bomb.
In the fourth scenario, our bitter divisions at home and abroad tie the president’s hands, and Iran gets the bomb.
(This was one paragraph in the original. I broke it out to make it more readable.)

The third scenario is unlikely. President Bush has shot himself in the foot so often he won’t be able stand alone to gun down the Iranian “evil doers.”

The first two are impossible. Democrats will never support this president no matter what is at stake. Their hatred is implacable.

Bush’s presidency will end with Iran still pursuing or already having the bomb.

But for the next presidential election, the Democrats will a very honest argument to get people to support them:

Only a Democrat in the presidency will be able to confront Iran.

Democrats would never support a Republican led opposition to Iran. On the other hand, they would support almost anything a Democrat president proposed.

Republicans would support a Democrat president confronting Iran.

So, if you want unity and world peace and a battle against terrorists, elect a Democrat.

Otherwise, we won’t play.

It is like a gun to the head of the world.


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