Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This has left me depressed and I seldom get depressed. He was the chef half of a little mom and pop storefront restaurant close to us. In my lifetime, he had cooked more meals for me than anyone not living in my household or camp. His specialty was barbecued chicken with roasted garlic bits. I sometimes got that to takeout seven times a week.

He tried to teach me Thai words and phrases but I am much too old to absorb another language. I am at the stage of struggling to hang on to my English vocabulary. He, instead, was picking up English words and phrases from me. He was smiling proud of that accomplishment.

Word of his death reached me first thing in the morning via the Maid News Network. That is a usually dependable news source. It had reported an additional bombing during our recent spree that even the authorities hadn’t known about until later. I was shocked at the news of his death. He was a charming man of about 35.

Using our little electronic translator I asked “suicide?” Yes, I was told. He had jumped off the top of the four story building where they lived and worked.

Later the Maid News Network corrected the story. In the new version he had been sleep-walking when he fell to his death.

That sounded odd. Then another version came that told of a family argument that got violent. That was the final version. It is all very sad.

I was in their cafeteria style restaurant only the morning before. I thought it was strange that very little food was out at 7:15 in morning. That is usually their peak hour. Only the barbecued chicken was ready. Never mind. I took my chicken and left, thinking no more of it until hearing of his death the next morning.

It is all very sad.


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