Thursday, December 21, 2006



This from Bangkok’s newspaper The Nation.

Cold snap claims first victim

A 38-year-old man died of exposure yesterday in Muang district of the northern city after drinking alcohol and falling asleep without a blanket, a doctor said. Ashi Silao, a planter for a tree shop, is the first casualty of the cold weather this year. He was found dead in a T-shirt and trousers.

I’m sorry about the guy dying but what perfect weather we’re having. We haven’t used our air conditioners in more than a week. At night it gets below 70. This winter here is like a mild summer in Southern California.

Now I’m starting to worry about Global Cooling. Maybe we should start encouraging polluters since that seems to be our only control of the weather.


I was walking through a mall with a Thai friend and wanted to brag about the women flirting with me.

“Wow,” I said, “you should see the looks I’m getting.”

“Sure,” he replied instantly. “They know you have money.”

That’s what friends are for, I guess.

Isn’t it?


My Thai family has gone bonkers over spaghetti. Even the little one, who is a reluctant eater, scarfs it down. We have many different sauces to put on it.

They also like hot dogs. There is a Thai produced German sausage here that is excellent.

I have learned to cook beef in the microwave. I use an igloo shaped plastic contraption that fits over everything in the oven. They are common in Bangkok and might be found anywhere.

Put a thawed 2 pound roast in a bowl and oil everything down before putting it in the microwave. Leave it uncovered but put the igloo-shaped contraption over everything with the vents closed. Set the microwave to defrost for 10 minutes. Turn the roast and put it back for another 5 minutes, still on defrost. Then turn it again.

To see if you’re getting close, cut down the center with a knife. You’re looking for a pinkish but cooked color for the best results. If it’s too raw cook it another 5 minutes, always on defrost. Repeat until satisfied. I got great results from this.

Remember, contrary to folk legends, microwaves heat from the outside in. Larger roasts might get too well-done outside before the inside is done.



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