Sunday, November 19, 2006


For black Americans OJ is the plague that keeps on plaguing. He is the worst thing to happen to race relations in the US since slavery. Few will admit the impact of his ‘not guilty’ verdict had on America. The image of those law students at a black university celebrating the verdict is burned into many minds. Those were the best of their best?

The statement of one of his jurors after the trial was revealing. “I didn’t see no tape of him killing those people,” she said, or words to that effect. Sadly, if she had seen a tape she probably would have said, “You can fake a tape. How do I know that was really him?” As Jonathan Swift once said, “You cannot reason someone out of a position he has not been reasoned into.” Blacks in America wanted so much for him not to have committed those crimes, they fell victim to the delusion that he hadn’t.

Howard Stern has agitated the situation for years by asking virtually every black guest on his radio program, “OJ, guilty or innocent?” The answer and follow up questions usually made the guest look ridiculous. But Stern is an equal opportunity offender. He has had a member of the KKK on his program for years whom he makes look ridiculous by asking honest questions and receiving honest answers.

I was shocked when I heard this KKK leader side with the majority of the blacks on the OJ verdict. “He didn’t do nothin’ wrong,” the KKK guy said. Then he added, “He just did what was natural for him.” Chilling!

Well OJ is back again. (You can read about it *HERE*.) And guess what. He’s as dumb as ever. Right after the trial Jesse Jackson was heard to advise him to stay low and not say anything. Good advice for a guy who had just gotten away with murder. So what does OJ do? He wants to address a group of battered women! He wants to counsel battered women!

Words fail me.

UPDATE: The project was cancelled. Read about it *HERE*.


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